Korean Amateur Radio League

How to obtain amateur radio license in Korea




If you are a foreign citizen and completely new to amateur radio and want to become a radio amateur, here is how.

If you understand Korean language, you may take Korean amateur radio license test.

Or you may take an US FCC license test in English here in Korea and with the US license you may apply for a Korean permit.

It is OK to take this test even if you are not a US citizen.

We accept all nation's ham license and issue permits.


Please note Korean citizens should obtain Korean amateur radio license to become a radio amateur operator. 

Korean citizens cannot use US FCC license to apply for a Korean permit.


 ***US FCC License Test***

There are US FCC license tests administered here in Seoul, Korea. They are held once a year at KARL building in Seoul. Please contact HL1IWD at kops02@hanmail.net, 010-8827-7359(phone) for schedule. Anyone with any nationality can take this test. Once you get a US license or any country's license, you may apply for a Korean permit. Many Koreans take this test because US does not have reciprocal agreement with Korea. On the other hand we accept all nation's ham license and issue permits regardless of the reciprocal agreement.


FCC license tests are also held a few times per year by a HL9 group in a US base in Seoul.

There is a HL9 Facebook group where you can inquire for the schedule.


***HL9 Call sign***

HL9 prefix is assigned to US military and government persons in Korea according to SOFA treaty between Korea and US. If you are a US citizen and planning to come to Korea, you may be qualified to get a HL9 call sign. HL9 call signs are issued by US military. You may inquire at the Facebook HL9 group. There is no fee to apply for HL9 call sign while applying for a Korean permit costs $45US. .